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Who can join the agency? 
The agency is currently only open to children who attend Twiin Dance Company (TDC) (
How can I join?
If you are interested in joining our agency we would love to hear from you. Please express your interest by contacting us one
Our books are currently closed.



Is there a fee to join Twiin Agency?
No, we do not charge an administration fee for your child to join the agency.
If your child is accepted on to our books, the following initial charges will apply:
- An annual fee to add your child to the UK's Leading Casting website 'Spotlight' 
- Fee for professional headshots
Can I be represented by more than one agency?
We are a sole agency, as a result unfortunately we do not allow our clients to be represented by other agencies, this is also part of our contractual agreement. 



How often will I work and can you guarantee work? 
It can not be guaranteed that you will receive work, It is important that all clients understands there are many factors that will contribute as to whether you will book or not book a job.  For this reason, we will not accept clients who we may feel are not ready.
As a small boutique agency we focus on our small cliental to ensure we can offer them the best opportunity of attending castings. 



Do I need previous experience?
No previous experience is required.



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